Why hire me above the dozens of other photographers who cover the same categories?

As a former Navy Officer, I know the meaning of hard work, devotion to the project, and coming up with results, not excuses.

As a licensed pilot, I know how important it is to plan your mission and pay attention to the details.

As an experienced photographer who started in the days of film, I've been there. I know how to make friends with the security guard and then  chat comfortably with the CEO.  I appreciate the creativity and fun I can devote to the session and accept the great responsibility the client has entrusted me to capture.  I don't take myself too seriously, but I am very serious about the success of the photo shoot.   

Clients have included Time, Newsweek, Alaska Airlines, IBM, TD Waterhouse, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Federal Express, American Library Association, American Hospital Association, Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, Costco, College Board, and my Mom.                                

                                   I Make Photographs of Real People for: 


Editorial Publications

Agencies (Ad, PR, Design)

Trade Industry and Organizational Events

I also photograph all things Aviation and Aviation Related Accessories



  More than a GWC (guy with camera)

If you're nervous about pronouncing my name, just sound out all the letters in order: